A Few Words About Us

WCC is a non-profit organization run by a board of directors. The club promotes the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat, with an emphasis being on pheasants. The club has existed for more than 75 years and is headquartered in Oshkosh, WI behind the James P. Coughlin building that houses the local DNR office at 625 E County Rd Y. At this location we have several pheasant pens where we raise over 1200 pheasants to be released into the wild every year. As a perk to our members and sponsors we distribute some of these pheasants to them in exchange for services and sponsorships of our club.

WCC hosts a banquet every Spring to not only raise funds for the raising of our pheasants, but to also raise funds for community organizations and scholarships. At our last banquet we had almost 400 people and raised a record amount of money. We would like to thank those that attended the banquet, and extend a special thank you to all of our sponsors! This banquet is considered by many the "Premier" banquet in the area, with an average of over 60% of attendees winning a prize valued no less than $75. We have sold out for the last 4 years!

Our Mission:

We have been in existence since 1936. Our primary purpose has always been to encourage maximum use of our natural and recreational resources. We work closely with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and other clubs and groups to improve hunting and fishing prospects, greater use of park and wetlands & safe use of our waters.

Club Overview:

Our projects are many and varied, including: Our continuing pheasant release program over the years has helped to make our county one of the better areas in the state for pheasant hunters. The Wisconsin environmental station through UW-Stevens Point, WI. Our prime project, however, is to initiate a sound and substantial program for the restoration of wildlife habitat in Winnebago County. Our club is active in sponsoring other clubs & organizations such as: Oshkosh Boy Scout Troops & the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. For our past endeaveors & our future plans. Our club was awarded the "Conservation Organization of the year Award" by the National Wildlife Federation and the National Achievement Award.